In many industries, attention is now paid to where the business partner is based. There are many reasons for this, on the one hand, of course, strengthening your own economic region, but also to minimize any problems with border closures and interrupted supply chains. 

How can you act cost-effectively and with little effort as a regional company? 

The solution is called a branch Office. The branch has many advantages. 

  • You do not need share capital
  • The running costs of a branch are much lower than for a GmbH 
  • The foundation works quickly and easily 
  • You do not need to come to Austria to set up a branch 
  • You will receive your own postal address, a telephone number and a bank account 
  • However, the operative business can still be carried out from your home country 
  • You are perceived as a company based in Austria 
  • All necessary activities can be carried out by a representative 
  • You can already set up a branch for 3900 euros 

Use this possibility and increase your reputation and your profit.

See the full service for entering Austria we offer here and send us any questions you might have here.

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