Sylvia Pavlova

MBA CMC is the Co-Founder of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria and the Founder of PropTech Bulgaria.

Sylvia Pavlova MBA CMC is the Co-Founder of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria and the Founder of PropTech Bulgaria.

PrEXCELerator Bulgaria is the first and only startup ecosystem in Bulgaia which is not limited only to validation of startup ideas at proof-of-concept and MVP stage. Moreover, PrEXCELerator Bulgaria works with already operating startups to boost their (international) business development and funding outside Bulgaria, as well as their operations through pivots. The pre-accelerator covers 7 industrial verticals which include 25 various industries, and makes accessible a pool of over 100 industry expert in such 15 areas. This makes the PrEXCELerator the 1st early-stage startup platform focused on industry-specific tech solutions.

PropTech Bulgaria is the one stop shop for everything which concerns PropTech in Bulgaria. PropTech Bulgaria has the exclusive right to represent Bulgaria in PropTech House – the European Alliance of National PropTech Hubs. 

Sylvia’s experience covers a wide range of functional areas and industries, inclusive of:

Experience in Consultancy Service:
Corporate Strategy & Organizational Development of Companies Finance & Administrative systems  Human Resources
Production & Services Management, inclusive of technologies, know-how,  material flows, performance metrics, quality control Marketing & Corporate Communications Information Technologies – development & implementation of systems
IT Consultancy Services Project Management Economical & Ecological Research /apart from ecological/

Examples of her work include:

JURY MEMBER in international and national competitions:

PropTech Startup & Scaleup Europe Awards 2019

National Awards of (Investor Group)

START-UP (ENTREPRENEURIAL) Consultancy Assignments:

2019 – Yanika Center | impact venture settled in Bulgaria

2019 – Stream Edge | Creative industry startup settled in Bulgaria

2019 – Andji Agro | AgriTech startup in Bulgaria

2019 – | HR Tech startup in Bulgaria

2019 – Validation of an EduTech startup idea in Bulgaria

2018 – a manufacturing start-up founded in Thessaloniki, Greece

2018 – Urban Center of Influence, Plovdiv. Social Entrepreneurship project

2017 – 2018 – Balkan Engineering Ltd. Investment management company in Construction Engineering

2017 – 2018 –  5 PropTech start-ups settled in Bulgaria

2016 – 2017 – 9 – ENNEA, Greece

2016 – 2017 – Oxford Life Design, UK

2014 – 2015 – Intrapreneurship Assignment, Yorkshire Police, UK

2013 – 2014 – C3, UAE

The length of each start-up mentoring project comes for 1 year. Typically, the mentoring project featured Partnerships, Product Development, Key Account Management, Marketing: Market Positioning; Customer Segmentation, Business Development. 

INTRAPRENEURIAL Consultancy Assignments:

2016 – Constructing the conceptual model of a Technology Centre of Innovation within a Bulgarian ICT Holding company The project was meant to urge employees to research and develop new products. The company was to invest in a selection of the most promising ones.  

2016 – Measuring the return on investments for mechatronics to make entry on the global industry; evaluation of 2 partnership choices; producing partnership relations structure; producing the head of terms for a gentlemen’s agreement. Length of project: 8 months.

2016 –  HR System audit. Length of project: 2 months

The audit was aimed at improving the internal corporate effectiveness of the HRM system advancing proper centralization and decentralization among three separate companies and the HQ. The second objective of the audit aimed at drawing upon the audit to produce an HRM software to be launched on the Bulgarian market.

2015 – 2016 – Market research of competitors in the HRM software industry internationally. Length of project: 3 months. 

2008 – Due Diligence of the structure & operational procedures prior to the sale of Concrete Elements Factory Ltd. Project length: 6 months.

2009 – Strategy research project exploring the factors impacting the direct foreign investment in South Bulgaria.  Length of project: 6 months.

The research has been produced with the view to steer investment plans toward effective engineering of the investor’s second facility within Trakia Economic Zone. The said facility got inaugurated in 2014. 

2007 – Performance assessment of 60 middle managers. Length of project: 3 months.

2007 – 2008 – Restructuring of Sienit Mechinery & Construction Park Ltd.


MBA, OUBS, UK. The Program comes in top 1 % of MBA programs on a world scale, and ranks № 8 in Europe in Y 2016. 

Expertise: 1. Strategy; 2. International Marketing; 3. Innovations Management. 

The recent year of her classes Sylvia got ranked in the forefront 1% of The Most Influential MBA Students within the entire cohort worldwide. These honors have been paid to none but 5 students altogether. Calculations have been produced on the basis of communication metrics measured for the course of one calendar year–namely, the time we had to produce and deliver our dissertations. Metrics have been read out on the OUBS communication e-platforms. 

Certified Management Consultant, Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations– a branch of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

Mentoring Program, OUBS, UK

Dipl. Mngr., Corporate Management, OUBS, UK 

Expertise: 1. Operational Management; 2. Marketing; 3. Finance & Accountancy; 4. Project Management; 5. Human Resources Management; 6. Information Management & Knowledge Management; 7. Quality Management; 8. Supply Chain Management.

Assoc CIPD – international certification in Human Resources Management with The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London.

Prince2 Foundation – international certification in Prince2 Project Management, APMG, UK

BSc, Administrative Management, New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Postgraduate Education, Trade & European Law, Kliment Ochridski University, Sofia 

Member of:

  1. AMBA /Global Associations of MBAs/
  2. CIPD, UK /Associate member/  
  3. BAMCO /Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations/

Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner

Founder of Ruttensteiner Business Consulting
Dipl. Coach, Dipl. Adult Educator
Municipal councilor for European affairs
Specialist lay judge for employment and social law
Upper Austria environmental officer in communities

  • Born in 1971 in Steyr, Upper Austria
  • 1993 – founding Ruttensteiner IT Consulting company
  • Early 2000s – addition of leadership coaching 
  • Since early 2010s – specialising in business consulting 
  • 2015 – appointed to the post of municipal councillor for European affairs 
  • 2016 – appointed to the post of specialist lay judge at the Steyr regional court for employment and social law 
  • 2016 – appointed to the post of Official Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria district office committee Kirchdorf WKOÖ
  • 2019 – appointed to the post of Freedom of Economics District office deputy Kirchdorf fW

International experience and relationships to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Dubai, Brazil and others

Education and Certifications: 

Upper Austria environmental officer in communities

Expert lay judge f. Labor and social law at the regional court in Steyr

Studied psychology at the FU Hagen (D) and SZ JKU Linz (A)
ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management 

Certified adult educator WBA

Graduate coach ÖDVNLP

NLP Practitioner ÖDVNLP

Diploma in adult education with focus on advice WBA

Education manager leadership diploma

Trainer didactics diploma

Permission §25 AWG 2002

EBC * L levels A and B project management

AWSP Lenovo ThinkPad Authorized Warranty Service Provider

ASP Lenovo ThinkPad Authorized Service Provider

ECDL core

IT specialist certification

Novell Netware 3.11 System Manager

ACT Accredited Compaq Technician Desktops, Workstations & Notebooks

APS Hewlett Packard Accredited Platform Specialist

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

LAP radio & TV mechanic


  • WKO division UBIT (management consultant accountant and information technology)
  • BÖP Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists 
  • ÖDVNLP Austrian umbrella organization for NLP (neurolinguistic programming)
  • Member of the Expert Group Innovation at WKO Styria
  • Austrian Business Club in Russia


  • Europe State Prize 2017 BMEIA (Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs) f. extraordinary commitment to Europe
  • Familienoskar 2010 State of Upper Austria f. Steyr toy train station

Violeta Manolova

Media expert with over 19 years of experience in marketing communications, advertising, media planning.

She has started this professional journey as a media planner in an international media agency, where she has worked on the accounts for executing advertising campaigns for clients of various business areas: cosmetics, chocolate products, banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals and others.

After almost 7 years of gaining experience as a media planner, Violeta starts her journey in Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile (GLOBUL) in 2006 as Head of Media Strategy and Planning. She continues her expert and leadership development in Telenor Bulgaria in the role of Manager Media and Traffic until the end of 2018. She takes part in organizing, planning and securing all media advertising campaigns of Telenor Bulgaria. Violeta has been part of the teams who developed and realized two Rebranding campaigns – 2006 GLOBUL rebranding (the green logo); 2014 GLOBUL becomes Telenor, other significant launches, among which Telenor New Network, Telenor 4G Launch, MyTelenor App Launch. Numerous advertising campaigns on products and services, as well as HR, PR, CSR campaigns, TV programs sponsorships.

Currently, Violeta is a Marketing Consultant, advising companies on their media strategies, media advertising presence, agency pitches and other projects. She is a Member of the Advisory Board at PrEXCELerator Bulgaria since the beginning of 2019.


C-level Executives and Founders


Management Consultant

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Your passion: To support and build others 

Communications, working across Europe.

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Management Consultant

Your Company’s Profile

Your company’s unique approach

Your company’s achievements

Your passion: To support and build others 

Communications, working across Europe.

Your style: Unforgettable

Your values: Be ethical at any cost

And your team

Your favorite approach: keep it simple