full range of finance startup services

► Consultation on shopping around for finance.

► Filling in all paperwork for investors.

► With interactive tools for tailored advice.

► What different finance sources entail and which are the most suitable for your business.

► Advice on raising finance depending on your peculiar status and circumstances.

► Referral to one or more of our partner organizations, in case of relevance.

► Crafting together your financing strategy.

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Devising a Budget and a Predictive Break-Even Analysis

Break-even-level is a pivotal milestone for early startups

It is the point where the generated revenues from the startup activity are able to cover its operating expenses. But more than a single point that can turn you from loss generating into profit making, the break-even analysis gives details of your business model and strategy.

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financial modelling

Building a financial model is one of the hardest things to do for a startup

as you have very limited historical information to forecast with and many incertanties. Yet as complex and inaccurate this exercise may look like it is fundamental to the validation and fundraising of your idea…

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Consulting on which external funding options are best 

Consulting on which external funding options are suitable for your startup based on the industry you operate in, your stage of development, and financial status. When you have a great idea and want to turn it into something significant, funding will be your fuel. More than that, fundraising together with idea development should be top priority for every entrepreneur and understanding the process and local environment is a must.

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Broadcasted on RE:Connect 3.0 worldwide on 24 June 2021

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