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Pivoting is never easy, and only the brave go on, and never quit.

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team analysis

Focus is very important because entrepreneurs have very limited time and resources

… and so must be hyper-efficient. We know that you as an entrepreneur don’t have any time to waste in conflicts or miscommunication that blocks the fast advance of the business. This is why we are here to help with Team Analysis.

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action plan for y1

Action Plan for Y 1 is completed as a natural result from finishing a chain of analyses

Analyses are made in co-operation with an international mentor with a strong marketing expertise.

Usually, the Action Plan for Y1 is completed following elaborative analyses on the market. These include, but are not limited to, Analysis on the Market/Market Segment, the Competition Analyses as part of the Market Strategy, external environment analyses, assessment of internal capabilities, incl. of estimating the potential of prospective partnerships and partners’ networks, demand & supply channels, etc.)

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shortcut your startup

It’s a whole new startup world out there, and not money, but time is your scarcest resource.
Today, the companies that win are those that move more quickly and flexibly than their competitors. This new environment requires new strategies, new mind-sets, and new tactics to shorten timelines, stand out, and win.
This is why we show you 3 Pre-Launch shortcuts to your standard startup track. Any of them will save you long months of fruitless travail, much nerves, and money. Any of these is a limited resource of yours and your startup endeavour.

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